My Readings...


I ask you to please clear your mind of all expectation and be open to what is about to occur. Through my Intuitive gifts of clairvoyance (seeing), clairsentient (feeling), clairaudient (hearing) and claircognizance (knowing), I connect with Spirit.

Information is then revealed through me to guide you in removing blocks and stepping forward to live your best life and find your authentic and unique path and place in this world.

I welcome and encourage you to take notes, however recording is not permitted.

Spirit does not RSVP, so be open to anyone showing up!

You will have an opportunity to ask questions when I am finished.


Phone readings are similar to an in-person reading.  I will need a current photograph of you. 

We will make an Appointment for your Reading. I ask that you call me at the appointment time. If you have call-waiting please do not answer calls during our time together.

Payment and photo are required prior to the Reading.


In-Person and Phone Reading

One Hour…….$175.00